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Funeral Cover for Extended Family

Extended Family Members

Funeral Cover for Extended Family

Most of us have less fortunate family members. Funeral cover for extended family members can possibly relief a lot of financial strain of the family. When it comes to family, most people are willing to go the extra mile. Most reliable funeral cover providers will allow a certain number of extended family members on your funeral plan.

Helping a family member financially can offer a lot of satisfaction. Not only does it aid the loved one financially, it can also be very rewarding. It’s important to understand the impact of adding a family member to your funeral plan. Financially it can make sense to include family members to your burial plan.

Most people do not completely understand the term extended family members when it comes to funeral insurance. For example, your spouse, children, parents and parents in law will not fall in this category. You direct family will be separated from the extended family column. Most providers will allow your direct family, and up to 9 extended family members.

Extended family members are defined as a family member that extends beyond the nuclear family.

Example of Extended Family Members:

  • Brothers & Sisters.
  • Uncles & Aunts.
  • Nieces & Nephews.
  • Grandparents etc.

Premiums for Extended Family Members:

When you add extended family members to your funeral plan, premiums will be calculated separately. This means that you can adjust individual cover amounts to tailor the most relevant funeral plan. Each extended family member will receive a premium associated with the insured amount. After getting you extended family funeral cover quote, you will receive a single premium. This amount will be your monthly contribution.

Your own child will eventually fall into the extended family column. On most funeral plans, your child will be cover until they turn 21. If your child is a full time student, there will be cover available until the age of 25. After the child cover expires, you can include your child on your policy under the extended family column. Alternatively, as soon as your child leaves the child bracket, your child can get a policy of their own.

Extending your funeral plan to accommodate your family members can assist the family in dire times. Usually, when a family member passes away, the family will have to take care of the funeral costs. If the person did not have funeral cover, it might be devastating. Funerals today are extremely costly. Everybody will die at some point. The best way to prepare for this inevitable event is to have some form of funeral insurance.

With our service, you can get a free extended family funeral cover quote that can include your extended family. If you have an existing policy, you can also add your extended family members at a later stage.

To get a funeral cover for extended family, please complete our contact form. A friendly consultant will explain everything to you. We can chop and change your funeral plan until you are completely satisfied with your monthly contribution.

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Klement Marais
Klement Marais
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