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Funeral Cover Quotes SA Introduction

InSHoor™ is an authorized financial services provider. We aim to find low-cost funeral cover for our clients. We do all the hard work, so you do not have to. We assure you that you will be in great hands. We have received the award for top AVBOB broker in South Africa every year from 2012 to 2017. Best of all, we offer this service free of charge. That is right; our quoting service does not cost you anything. Funeral Cover Quotes SA is the easiest way to find funeral insurance in South Africa.

We represent a group of hand selected funeral insurance providers nationally. Providers we offer must possess a proven track record. Funeral parlor fraud is on the rise in South Africa. It is vital to make sure that you choose a reliable provider. Do not worry! We have done your homework for you. You can get a free funeral cover quote. Just complete the contact form anywhere on our site. We will contact you via telephone to discuss your requirements with you. If you are 100% satisfied, we can arrange your funeral plan. This service will be at no additional costs to you.

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*Funeral Cover Benefits:

Get a Free Funeral. Get a free funeral of up to R10 000*

Up to R50 000 Cover from Just R37. That’s Around R1.20 a Day. You Decide Your Cover Levels for Each Person.

No Waiting Period for Accidental Death. Your Payout will Automatically Double in the Event of Accidental Death.

CashBack Every 5 Years. Get a Full Years’ Premiums Back Every 5 Claim Years You Don’t Claim.

48 Hour Quick Cash Payout. Once All the Claim Documents are Submit, Payouts Occur Within 48 Hours.

Free Funeral Services. This Includes Use of Hearse, Tents, Gravesite, Transportation of Deceased & Use of Mortuary.


Getting started with our system is very easy. Let us Help you!

All you need to do is follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Complete Our Contact Form

Step 2: Wait for Our Call

Step 3: Get Your Free Quote

Step 4: Accept the Quote

Step 5: We do the Rest for You


How Does Funeral Cover Quotes Work?

Every quote we do is unique. All insurance providers have basic calculations to define your monthly cost. There are many factors to keep in mind when calculating your funeral cover quote.

Some of the aspects that determine the cost:

  • Age
  • Relationship with Person
  • Provider of Choice
  • Amount of Cover

The monthly premium will be separate for every person you include in your quote. Separate amounts mean you can increase or decrease every individual. This control will make sure your premium is exactly what you can afford. In the end, all the separate amounts will become one single monthly premium.

What is Burial Insurance

What is Funeral Insurance?

When you pass away, funeral insurance makes sure there will be money available. You pay a small monthly premium to insure members of your family. This premium makes sure that when any insured member passes away, cash will be available.

Most memorial insurance providers will make cash payments within 48 hours of any claim. Quick payouts will make sure funds are available when you or your family needs it most. Most people do not understand the full costs involved when arranging a memorial. Funerals can cost a lot of money. The last thing we want is to have our family struggle with money when we die. Read More


Who Needs this Type of Insurance?

Everybody must have some preparation for death. Funeral insurance does not cost that much. Think of the massive costs of a arranging a funeral. Nobody is too old or too young to get cover. Regardless of your age, everybody must have comprehensive funeral insurance. Dying can cause your family many traumas. Being prepared for death is the best method of cure.

The longer you wait, the more expensive burial insurance will become. The age of the applicant determines the cost of the premium. There are different age brackets, if you wait too long, it will cost you more. The risk of dying becomes greater the older you become. Customers can claim for death due to natural causes. Providers need to make sure they cover themselves. Read More

Who can I Include on my Policy

Who can I Include in my Funeral Cover Quote?

You can cover different members of your direct and even extended family. You can include your spouse, children, parents, etc. You can also cover your uncles, brothers, grandparents, etc.

With some policies, you can also include your employees or domestic worker. Depending on your needs, we can help you find the best policy for your needs. You can discuss the members you want to include with our friendly consultant.

Cashback Option Explained

What is a Cashback Burial Policy?

Many policy providers offer a cashback option. Cashback is to reward you for your loyalty. Some burial insurance plans payback some of your premiums now and then. Payouts usually happen after every five years of constant premiums.

The cash payout will be directly to your bank account. You can use this money for anything you wish. When requesting a funeral cover quote, always ask about a cashback reward. We present this option by default to our customers.


Cash Only vs. Cash Policy

We offer two types of funeral plans. You can pick a provider that offers cash only or cash with benefits. They both have distinct benefits. It all depends on your exact needs.

Cash Only Funeral Cover

Cash only burial protection will pay the claimant a cash amount. This cash will be for anything the family needs. Cash means that you can arrange the funeral using several providers. With a cash only policy, there will usually be some extra benefits. The extra benefits will usually include a value added features. Benefits will usually include accidental cover, etc.

Cash with Funeral Services

Cash with funeral services policies will pay a cash amount within 48 hours. You can make use of your policy provider to arrange the funeral. Over and above the payout, you will also get help to arrange the funeral. The extra benefits will usually include a wide range of value-adding features. Benefits will usually include accidental cover, etc. Read More

For more information on AVBOB, feel free to visit our partner site by clicking here


We represent only the best providers in South Africa. We have a very good relationship with all the providers we have on our list. We have not received any complaints from our clients. We are confident that the providers are reliable. Reliability is very important when looking for a Great plan.


We represent the following providers:


AVBOB Funeral Cover

AVBOB is an all in one solution. They opened their doors in 1920. They offer customers a great range of amazing funeral services. A huge number of loyal customers trust them. With AVBOB, you can get a cash payout, as well as funeral services. They include a wide range of products & services. These are necessary to arrange a worthy funeral. AVBOB settles claims within 48 hours. Provided they received the required documents.

With AVBOB, there will be no medical examinations required. They do not discriminate against the sick or old. You can adjust your cover to fit your exact needs. This policy includes accidental death cover. Read More


Discovery Life Funeral Cover

Discovery Life usually requires very little introduction. They always try to provide services and products that encourage healthy living. The product on the list is the Discover Funeral Plan. Discover funeral cover comes with amazing benefits. You will have automatic and optional benefits. Discovery Life settles claims within 48 hours. Provided they received the required documents.

You can add optional benefits to your funeral policy. Optional benefits include the grocery and memorial benefit. You can build your funeral plan around your needs. This policy includes accidental death cover. Read More


Metropolitan Life

Metropolitan Life is one of the longest running providers we offer. They have been around since 1890. They have had more than enough time to create amazing products with valuable benefits. You will receive many benefits to improving your policy. Metropolitan Life settles claims within 48 hours. Provided they received the required documents.

With Metropolitan Life, you will receive great benefits. Benefits include the special paid up and shopping benefit. There will be no medical examination required to join. This policy includes accidental death cover Read More

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