Discovery Funeral Cover Quotes

Discovery Funeral Cover Quote

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Discovery Life has been around for about twenty years. During this time, they have hosted game-changing products and services. Since their start, they have always been a couple of steps ahead of their rivals. They offer original products and services that inspire healthy living.

Who Can I Cover?

With Discovery Funeral Cover, you can cover many family members. You can include your spouse, children, parents, aunts, nephews, etc. With Discovery Life, you also receive automatic baby cover.

Discovery Claims

Discovery Life will settle all valid claims within 48 hours. You must submit the documents as soon as possible. They know your family needs money fast. Due to the enormous costs linked with funeral services, it is important to have funds available quickly. Arranging a worthy funeral without money can be tough. You can get a Discovery funeral cover quote up to R60 000. This payout is the highest amount of any of the providers we represent.

Premium Payback Benefit

With the Discovery funeral plan, you will automatically receive the premium payback option. You will receive some of your hard-earned cash back in your pocket. With Discovery Life, you will receive one year’s costs back in cash after every five years. All premiums must be up to date to qualify. This bonus is just one way Discovery Life thanks you for your loyalty.

What is the Waiting Period?

There will be no medical questions to answer. With this excellent funeral plan, Discovery will give all clients the benefit of the doubt. There will be a standard 6-month waiting time for all natural causes. To repay you for this waiting period, you will get double payment in the event of an accident. This policy includes accidental death cover.

Discovery Funeral Cover Benefits:

  1. R10 000 to R60 000
  2. No Medicals Required
  3. Guaranteed Acceptance
  4. Pay-out Within 48 Hours
  5. Automatic Baby Cover
  6. Optional Grocery Benefit
  7. Optional Memorial Benefit
  8. Premium Payback Benefit
  9. Accidental Death Benefit
  10. Education Benefit
  11. Individual or Family Cover

From Just R48 p/m

The Discovery funeral plan offers a wide range of optional and automatic benefits

This Includes the Following Benefits:

  1. Automatic Baby Cover
  2. Premium Payback Benefit
  3. Accidental Death Benefit
  4. Education Benefit
  5. Memorial Benefit (Optional)
  6. Grocery Benefit (Optional)

Must I have Other Discovery Products?

You do not need any other Discovery products to qualify for this burial plan. This policy is entirely separate from all other Discovery life products. This funeral insurance plan is a stand-alone product for all South-Africans. Although the Discovery funeral plan is a new product, they have been around for a very long time. They have established high trust with our nation.


It is vital to get funeral insurance from a trusted provider. Discovery Life has proven that they are here to stay. With Discovery funeral cover, you can enjoy cover from R10 000 to R60 000. Funeral are very expensive. Having the option to take as much as R60 000 is a great benefit.

This affordable family funeral policy will help you rest assured. You know that your family will be in great hands.

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