Metropolitan Funeral Cover Quotes

Metropolitan Funeral Cover Quote

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It is hard to believe that any company can be more a century old. Not even to mention they are still in business today. Firstly, this is a great sign that Metropolitan Life is a reliable company. Metropolitan funeral cover is an easy to understand funeral plan. It is an affordable high-quality product.

Company Achievement

Metropolitan Life offers several insurance and investment products. They are presently the fourth largest insurer in South Africa. They are a Top 100 JSE listed company. This success offers their clients excellent peace of mind. Getting assurance products from a trusted provider can reduce lots of stress.

Who Can be Covered?

With Metropolitan Life, you can cover up to nine kin. You can include your direct and indirect family. You can add or remove members anytime. You can amend it until you are fully pleased with your monthly premium. Each family member will have a single premium. In the end, we will combine all the premiums. You will end up paying a single premium for everybody. This control helps you govern the cost of the policy.

Fast Claims

They will pay all valid claims within 48 hours. Metropolitan must get the forms as soon as possible. They will always do their best to settle claims fast. The sooner your family gets money, the less stress they will have. Funerals are very costly, having plenty funds can make a huge difference. They understand the importance of settling claims.

Cashback Benefit

With Metropolitan funeral insurance, you will receive cash back. You will receive some of your payments back in cash after a certain period. This cash payout will be directly to the policyholder. This money can even be to take a deserving holiday. It is up to the premium payer to decide. It does not have to be for service related requirements.

Metropolitan Funeral Cover Benefits

With Metropolitan Life, you will receive many additional and automatic benefits. They offer a range of optional benefits you can select. The added benefits will help to expand your burial policy. Examples of extra benefits are the shopping, survival and tombstone benefit. These benefits can add value to your already great family funeral plan.

We can give you a free quote for you and your family today. If you need some extra convincing, please see some benefits below.

Metropolitan Funeral Services Benefits:

  1. R5000 to R50 000
  2. No Medicals Required
  3. Guaranteed Acceptance
  4. Pay-out Within 48 Hours
  5. Cover Up to nine Relatives
  6. Accidental Death Cover
  7. Shopping Benefit
  8. Cash Back After 5 Years
  9. Special Paid-Up Benefit
  10. Tombstone Benefit
  11. Individual or Family Cover

Metropolitan Funeral Plan Automatic Benefits:

  1. Paid-up Benefit
  2. Accidental Death Benefit
  3. Family Assistance Benefit
  4. Cashback Benefit
  5. Metropolitan Funeral Plan Optional Policy Benefits:
  6. Survival Benefit
  7. Tombstone Benefit
  8. iNkomo Benefit
  9. Shopping Benefit
  10. Inflation Management


There are no medical checks needed. You do not have to spend time to go to a clinic or hospital for a blood test. Metropolitan Life offers their customers the benefit of the doubt. With most funeral plans, there will be a standard waiting period for natural death. With Metropolitan, this waiting period will be six months. It is to prevent clients from waiting to the last minute to take out a policy. Cover for accidental death will be available from the first payment. A maximum of R30 000 will be paid extra in the event of accidental death.

With Metropolitan Funeral cover, you can enjoy cover from R5 000 to R50 000. You can get reasonable premiums with high cover amounts today. You can rest ensured that you have a policy with a top South-African provider. There is no easier way to get funeral cover quotes in SA.

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