Funeral Cover for My Family

Family Funeral Plan

First of all, funeral cover for your family can be a very smart choice. As we all know, death does not favor. Nobody can escape death. It can happen at any time to any person. Below we will highlight some of the most important info about a family funeral plan.

Why Do I Need to Get Funeral Cover for my Family?

Secondly, there are ample reasons why you should get a family funeral policy. Let us look at the motives. Death is inevitable. The best way to ensure you manage the risk is to be money wise and prepared. If you have a funeral plan for your family, you can rest assured. You or your family will have financial help in a time of need.

Access to Money

One of the most import reason the get funeral cover for your family is to have cash when a person dies. One of the benefits of having protection is payout happens quickly. In most cases, providers will payout claims within 48 hours of receiving the paperwork.

The very last thing you want is financial worry on your tearful family. Trying to find money to arrange a decent burial can be stressful. The only way to make sure that this does not happen is to have a proper family funeral plan.

Who can I Cover on my Family Funeral Plan?

Most interment insurance plans will allow you to include family members. You can protect your direct and indirect family. This protection allows you to insure almost any family member.

Members of Your Family you can Insure:

  1. Spouse, Partner, Fiancé, Girlfriend, Boyfriend
  2. Children, Adopted Children, Dependents
  3. Parents, Parents-in-Law, Grandparents
  4. Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, Sister-in-Law
  5. Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Nieces, etc.

What will it Cost to Get Funeral Cover for my Family?

The cost of the plan will rely on a couple of things. The older the person you want to insure, the higher the price will be. Luckily, every person on your policy will receive a separate rate. You will be able to rise or drop the amount of cover for each person. For example, you can include your spouse for R50 000 but extended family members for only R10 000.

This method of quoting allows the policyholder to alter the charge and insured levels. The sooner you get your funeral plan, the lower the fee. Do not wait until it is too late. Getting your family funeral policy when you are still young will have many benefits.

What Providers Can I Use for Funeral Cover for my Family?

At InSHoor™, we represent some of the most worthy providers in SA. We worked with a vast number of funeral insurance providers in the past. We decided to use only the three top providers, AVBOB, Metropolitan Life & Discovery Life.

We only offer family funeral cover from the best providers. They provide quality service at a cheap rate. We have made sure that all the providers we represent are all above average. SA trusts them all.

 Types of Family Funeral Plans:

Cash Only:  Metropolitan Life & Discovery Life

Cash & Funeral Services: AVBOB

With a cash only family funeral product, your beneficiary will receive a cash payout only. This money to arrange the funeral using many providers. With both Metropolitan Life & Discovery, there will be additional benefits on the policy. However, the benefits will not include arrangements of the funeral service. With a cash only interment product, there will be several benefits.

They are to make the plan better. Some benefits may include accidental death, cashback, memorial, & grocery benefits.

With a cash & funeral services funeral policy, your beneficiary will receive cash, and the option to get funeral services & arrangements. With AVBOB, your beneficiary will have all the services available under one roof. The beneficiary can take the money and arrange the funeral independently.

AVBOB has been in the industry for almost 100 years. They are skilled in planning the service. Money that remains after all the arrangements will still go to the beneficiary.

What do I Need to Get Funeral Cover for My Family?

There will be no medical checkups. All we need from you is the names & ID numbers or dates of births of all the members you want to insure.

We will give you a quick telephone to help tailor your quote. We want you to be 100% happy with your quote. We will arrange you family funeral plan at no additional costs.

We do our best to serve every client to the best of our ability. We strive to bring the best customer service possible.