Funeral Cover for Employees

Employee Funeral Cover Quotes


Employers might wonder why it is important to get protection for employees. Below is a brief reason of why. We can arrange employee funeral cover quotes hassle free.

Employees are the fuel to your company’s engine. The better you take care of your employees, the more productive they will become. Offering your employees benefits with real value. It can be worth its weight in gold.

As we all know, death can happen to anybody at any time. Death does not favor. It often happens to the most important people in our lives. It might be the main source of income for a family.

Loss in Your Company

If you have ever dealt with death in your company, you will know the answer. Family members will look towards the employer or coworkers for burial assistance. As mentioned earlier, the deceased is often the breadwinner. In many cases, the employer will have to pay for the service. Colleagues sometimes have to scrape together money. All this stress to burry a departed loved one.

Why do Workers Need this Benefit?

Offering your personnel funeral protection can be one way to thank them for loyalty. Having a company burial insurance plan can improve the lives of your employees. A memorial benefit can also improve the lives of their families. The peace of mind offered by such policy makes it worth the effort. Employee funeral cover is the socially responsible thing to do.

Worker Funeral Cover Premiums

We can structure the policy in many ways. The company can sponsor a portion of the premium. The company can even pay the premium in full. The employer can settle the bill for the employee only. However, the employees can then add other members. Extra members can be at the employee’s charge.

Why the Company Needs Protection

With employee funeral cover, there will be no medical checks required. No medicals will help lessen the amount of production loss when signing up. The provider will give the policyholders the benefit of the doubt.

Funeral cover for your workers does not have to cost your company an arm and a leg. The average cost of arranging a funeral today is about R12 000. The amount is according to AVBOB based on 2013 data. A small monthly payment hardly seems that expensive.

The company can pay via debit or stop order. Some employers prefer to deduct the charges directly from the employees’ wages.

Worker Funeral Cover Premium Calculations

The cost will depend on several underwriting factors. The data will help determine the risk of your employees. For example, working in an office everyday will not be as risky as defusing bombs. The nature of your business will add towards the cost of your plan.

Below are some of the factors that considered:

  1. Nature of Business
  2. Average Age Group
  3. Claims History
  4. Amount of Cover Required
  5. Amount of Members, etc.

How to Get Covered?

At Funeral Cover Quotes SA, we can help structure your employee funeral plan. We will make it fit your exact needs. We can offer you a free management presentation. Regardless of the amount of employees you have, we can help.

If you are an employee that would like to ask about our products, feel free to contact us. We can arrange a meeting with your bosses. We can chat about the importance of having funeral cover for employees.